Farmers for many generations, we started horticulture at the end of the 70’s led by our parents who had moved to the Valgrande site already in the 50’s where they owned 80 fields (32 hectares) and a house.

In 1984 we started to trade our products (mostly radicchio from Chioggia I.G.P., round radicchio and carrot) not only with the market at the production site of Brondolo but also with the general markets, with the large scale retail trade and with foreign countries.

After many years of development and growth our company, Società Agricola F.lli Garbin, now operate on a farm surface of about 150 hectares employing ca. 40 people who work the land, do the harvesting and the manufacturing of our horticultural controlled origin products, which are traded in Italy and Europe.

We are very sensitive to environmental problems: considering essential the re-establishment of biological balance in the agricultural ecosystem, we cultivate following the integrated production guides, which imply a lower environmental impact and favour more foods' healthiness; furthermore our factory has been equipped with a photovoltaic plant in order to obtain clean energy.

In 2001 we were awarded the Marco Polo regional prize as our factory excelled in foreign trade; moreover in order to promote our products we take part in important exhibitions such as Sial Paris, Anuga Cologne, Fruit Logistic Berlin, Salone del Gusto Turin.